Anoko ni Moratta Ongaku by Katsuta Bun

Title: Anoko ni Moratta Ongaku
Alternative title: Music Gave Me That Girl
Title in Japanese: あのこにもらった音楽
Mangaka: Katsuta Bun
Mangaka's name in Japanese: 勝田 文
Length: 2 volumes or 1 volume bunko
Status: complete
Category: Shoujo
Genre: Comedy Slice of Life

Umeko was born between German dad and Japanese mom that is a geisha. After her mother is passed away in age of three, she was adopted by my mother's best, and a owner of Umeki inn. She was raised like their real child.

Kuranosuke is a Umeki inn's only son, he was a promising young pianist, but at final of Chopin Competition, due to an accident, he have to gave up on his dream. Now he worked as a part-time music instructor at university, while taking a private lesson.

Two that grows up like a real brother and sister, and reunion with Umeko's dad lead them to marriage. Making a daughter named Momoko, with intracting their customer, Kuranosuke's student and musician friend, spending a day in Umeki inn.

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